Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Halloween Crafts Using Supplies You Have on Hand

Author: Kathy Fesmire

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I just love all the decorations and excitement it brings the children. With costumes, candy and parties things can get expensive, so I am always looking for ways to stretch my holiday dollar. Here are some great free Halloween crafts to save some money on your Halloween fun.

Party Time!

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween party? You get to dress up, there’s always lots of good fun and of course all the food! But party goods can add up quickly so I like to save a buck or two anywhere I can.

Purchased invitations are a good option, but they can be pricey so making them is always a good alternative. However, when you start to add bunches of embellishments it can eat away at your budget too.

Stamps are a great way to get a lot of impact - and if you use what you already have it can really cut your cost to practically nothing!

This invitation was made with nothing but cardstock I had in my stash and my existing stamps.

Monster Bash Invitation - Image 2

The black cardstock had made it to my scrap room floor and gotten torn, so I used it to my advantage and tore the edges for a distressed creepy look.

Using colored pencils to dress up your stamped images is another way to take advantage of products you already have.

Setting the Scene:

Decorations for Halloween can be made from things you already have too.
  • Cut images out of your existing paper and make a paper garland.
  • Think outside the box and use leftover Crepe paper - trim the ends to look like blood streams to jazz up your window or door frame. 
  • Even try taking your gift bags and adding stamped Halloween images and stuffing them with tissue paper for a free centerpiece for your party table. 
  • To finish it off, punch Halloween punches from paper to scatter over the table as confetti for a festive touch. 
  • You could even decorate your door with a wreath made from candy wrappers! 
Here are some other free items you can find lying around or near your home to create a great Halloween look!
  • Leftover Halloween wrapping paper Pieces of raffia or twine
  • Buttons or brads you have in your stash 
  • Last year’s Halloween cards that can be punched or cut apart 
  • Twigs and branches from the yard 
  • Cotton balls pulled and stretched to look like spider webs. 
  • Bottle caps
Classroom Party Freebies:

If you have kids in school you know how expensive it can be to take things for the entire class. I don’t know about you, but for me purchasing over 20 of things is tough sometimes!

You can make some adorable things that kids would love to have from items you have around your house as well.

This little treat bag started out it’s life as packaging for some scrapbook stickers!

Blood Rules Halloween Treat Bag - Image 1

I covered some writing on the plastic with the cardstock, added stamped images and some scrap ribbon, and it is the perfect way to give a treat to the classroom kids! You can use this idea for your party at home too so hang on to all that sticker packaging!

Try stamping small images like the vampire on the treat bag and by simply adding a 3D dot to the back leaving the covering on to give as a temporary pencil decoration for everyone. What kid wouldn’t love that? You can even get your own kids in on the action by letting them help you stamp or color with markers or colored pencils.

There are lots of ways to save some money on your Halloween crafts, so keep your eyes peeled for things you can use from around your house. Put a container on a shelf and any time you see something you might want to use just toss it in! Then it is ready to go when you are ready to create. You will be amazed at how you can get the most out of what you have!