Monday, October 17, 2011

Basic Scrapbooking Terminology

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Author: Spotted Canary

This list includes the basic scrapbooking terms that every beginning scrapbooker should understand. 

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Archival – Materials that are durable, chemically inert and proven to be long lasting.

Acid-free – Products are considered acid-free if the pH level is 7.0 or higher. Materials with a lower pH level will break down over time and may cause deterioration.

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Cardstock – Heavyweight paper often used for the base of a scrapbook page. Available in many colors and textures, cardstock is a scrapbooking staple.

Chipboard – A sturdy material often used for the base of scrapbooking embellishments or albums

Crop – Verb: to trim your photos for placement. Noun: an event where scrapbookers gather to scrapbook together.

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Embellishments – Page enhancements such as stickers, ribbons, buttons, brads, eyelets, etc.

Journaling – Written words on a scrapbook page designed to tell the story behind the photos. Journaling can use handwriting, computer fonts, or stickers and other embellishments.

Lignin – An organic substance found in the wood pulp used to make paper; lignin can become unstable and acidic over time, causing paper to yellow and deteriorate. Newspaper is a low quality paper that contains lignin. For paper to be termed lignin-free, it may contain 1% or less lignin.

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Patterned Paper – Paper with a printed design for use in scrapbooking. Patterned paper is available in many designs and weights, single- or double-sided, and flat or with embellishments such as glitter or embossing.

Pigment Ink – A type of ink that is permanent and chemically stable. It is lightfast, waterproof, fade-proof, and non-bleeding. Many scrapbooking-specific pens use pigment ink.

Punches – Tools used to punch out shapes, or create decorative edge and corner effects. Also refers to the paper pieces created by punch tools.

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PVC – An unstable plastic called Polyvinyl Chloride that should be avoided. The gas exuded by PVC can cause deterioration in about 5 years time. Most “magnetic albums” use PVC. Look for albums and refill kits that are PCV-free.

Shape Cutters – Tools designed to cut specific shapes, such as circles or ovals.